The practice was founded some 40 years ago and has recently returned to its roots in Central London.  We have also now been joined by the members of Austin McKee, a specialist firm of former senior City lawyers.  

We believe clients need a lawyer to take legal advice one step further by putting it into their own commercial context.  Clients have different needs and expectations and we regard it as our job to understand and fulfil these.  In today’s market, transactions can be even more difficult to conclude and contracts are scrutinised more closely.

So what does this mean, in practice?
  • You will have the services of a experienced lawyer, not a junior.
  • We do not just ‘process’ documents but concentrate on the points that really matter to clients.  
  • We are proactive and commercial in our approach, helping you to anticipate and handle the commercial, legal and practical issues that may arise
  • Our lawyers have a broad perspective, having acted for and against the big and the small, from individuals through to large businesses, banks local authorities, government departments and public bodies
  • We avoid legal jargon and write in plain English in a clear and user friendly way
  • We have considerable experience in the project management of  legal work
  • We have a strong network of similarly-minded specialists in other fields. We also work with law firms in other countries and have contacts and relationships with a number of overseas firms.
  • We act for many overseas clients particularly from South Africa, Germany and Denmark and can deal in German and French.
  • We recognise that one size does not fit all and will work with you to meet your requirements, timetable and budget
How do we charge?
We offer highly competitive fees, giving excellent value for money for the expertise and service provided.  We are flexible about fees and offer arrangements such as fixed fees, fee capping or daily rates.  We appreciate that control of the legal budget is important for all clients and set up transparent billing arrangements.

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